Coffee with Conrad – Spiritual Revelation

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In this podcast I talk about receiving spiritual revelation. I share some of my own experiences and use a lot of scripture.

Drawing closer to God becomes addicting;
No man can come to Jesus except the father draws him John 6:44;
Draw near to God and he will draw near to us James 4:8;
Sanctification is a biproduct of pursuing Jesus;
Paul forgot those things that are behind Philippians 3:13-14;
Hand to the plow and looking back Luke 9:62;
Perspective on working the field;
John 16:12-15 Spirit of Truth guides us;
Matt 7 builds house upon the rock Matt 7:21-28;
We are our thoughts – as a man thinketh Proverbs 23:7;
Jesus spoke in Parables to those that were able Mark 4:33;
1 Cor 3:1,2 carnal verses spiritual;
Earthly things spiritual things understand John 3:12;
Progression of revelation comes from the Spirit of Truth;
Prov 25.2 conceal a matter and search it out;
Daniel seal the book encode Daniel 12:4;
Psalm 37:4 the heart leaps;
The transforming moment;
Holy Ghost teaches John 14:26
The lord taught it me directly Galatians 1:12;
They shall be taught by God John 6:45;
Isaiah 28:10,11 precepts;
1 cor 2:10-13 The Spirit teaches deep things;
Prayer for the listeners;

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