Biblical Insights – How To Receive Biblical Correction

It is usually hard to receive biblical correction and guidance. While we should be happy and thankful to receive it, most usually aren’t. Why is that? Probably because of our pride and wounded ego. When a student at Talbot Seminary, I was interviewed by a reporter from our school newspaper. He wanted to learn and report on my time as an intern with speaker and author Josh McDowell.

What Is The Virgin Birth?

Some mock the virgin birth while other people who call themselves Christians question or deny it. Others misunderstand and are confused. So what is the virgin birth?

Biblical Insights – How To Conquer a Horrible Habit

I’m never more disgusted with myself than when I continue to practice a horrible habit I hate. There’s hardly anything that frustrates me more. Yet sometimes the habit is so entrenched, I just cannot seem to shake it. Or, just when I seem to be getting victory, the habit grabs me by the throat and pulls me back again.

What Do Christians Believe About Creation And Evolution?

Creation and evolution are huge topics for Christians. Why? Because strict evolutionists deny the existence of a Creator. They seek an explanation for the universe that doesn’t include the Supernatural God of the Universe.

Biblical Insights – Jesus Wasn’t Always Seeker Sensitive

One Sunday we had the joy of attending St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Kirk in Nassau, Bahamas. Rev. Bryn MacPhail gave a message from Galatians 3 starting with verse 1 which reads, “You stupid people of Galatia! Who put you under an evil spell? Wasn’t Christ Jesus’ crucifixion clearly described to you?” (Galatians 3:1 GW)

Why Do We Need Foreign Missionaries


Some missionaries serve in their own country. Others like myself live in their home country and travel to other places. Others like the Apostle Paul have an almost completely itinerant ministry. And others like my guest on today’s podcast are foreign missionaries. Some may wonder why do we need foreign missionaries?

😀 missionary to Japan

Why Do We Need New Churches?

This question is understandable, especially in some places and situations where:

There seems to be a church on every corner.
Churches are small and struggling.
People have tried to start new churches but they have failed.
The sacrifice and money used to start new churches doesn’t seem worth it.

Biblical Insights – Sharing Biblical Correction

Most Christians, like me, probably don’t particularly like to give biblical correction and guidance. It often seems too confrontational, too holier-than-thou, and too dangerous to a relationship. Yet biblical correction doesn’t have to be any of these. In fact, it can be a blessing to both the recipient and the giver.

Why Did God Invent Marriage?

This podcast is being released on Carolyn’s and my 37th anniversary (August 4, 2016). It seemed like a good time to answer the question “Why did God invent marriage?”