Since hell is real, what is a Christian’s mission?

The Bible makes it quite clear that hell is real. In fact, Jesus spoke clearly about hell in passages such as Matthew 25:31-46. Jesus said, “And they will go away into eternal punishment, but the righteous will go into eternal life.” (Matthew 25:46 NLT). So since hell is real according to God’s Word, what is a Christian’s mission? We address that question in this podcast.

Biblical Insights – Strategies For Spiritual Growth

Spiritual growth doesn’t just happen. You and I need a strategy for spiritual growth. But some Christians act like planning, strategizing and systems are ungodly. They seem to think that if we’re led by the Spirit, there will be no plan or system. We’ll just “flow in the Spirit” without any thought to where we’re going and how we’ll get there.

Is Everyone Heaven Bound?

Is everyone heaven-bound since “Jesus paid it all?” This is a new teaching among some who call themselves Christians. Some have begun preaching an “Evangelical Universalism” meaning they claim to believe the Scriptures, but believe that everyone is saved and heaven-bound. But is there any truth to it?

Can Christians Be Demonized?

This question is very controversial: Can born again Christians be demonized? Some feel strongly that it is impossible. They are almost offended by the question. Others aren’t so sure. Still others feel this is very much possible and happens frequently.

Biblical Insights – 3 Ways To Win When You’re Sidelined

When I was sidelined in Jr. Hi School in Reynoldsburg, Ohio, it was a most humiliating experience. In 7th grade, I was a wiry 13-year-old. I decided to play (American) football for our school. The coach had a “no cuts” policy, so everyone stayed on the team. But I had never played organized football before. Everybody else seemed to know what to do. I had no clue.

What Is Demonization?

Is demonization real? What is it? For that matter, what are demons? How do they influence people? Can they inhabit people’s bodies, minds, spirits? On today’s podcast, my guest, Bishop Garry Bryant answers these questions as well as the central question: What is demonization and is it real?

How Can I Be Grateful When I’m Grumpy?

Most Christians know that they’re expected to give thanks in all circumstances. But that command begs the question: How can I be grateful when I’m grumpy? When the challenges of life seem overwhelming, it can be difficult to be thankful. Yet, being grateful at those times might be just what we need the most. The question is, how can we do it?

Biblical Insights – How To Receive Biblical Correction

It is usually hard to receive biblical correction and guidance. While we should be happy and thankful to receive it, most usually aren’t. Why is that? Probably because of our pride and wounded ego. When a student at Talbot Seminary, I was interviewed by a reporter from our school newspaper. He wanted to learn and report on my time as an intern with speaker and author Josh McDowell.

What Is The Virgin Birth?

Some mock the virgin birth while other people who call themselves Christians question or deny it. Others misunderstand and are confused. So what is the virgin birth?