Why Do We Need New Churches?

This question is understandable, especially in some places and situations where:

There seems to be a church on every corner.
Churches are small and struggling.
People have tried to start new churches but they have failed.
The sacrifice and money used to start new churches doesn’t seem worth it.

Biblical Insights – Sharing Biblical Correction

Most Christians, like me, probably don’t particularly like to give biblical correction and guidance. It often seems too confrontational, too holier-than-thou, and too dangerous to a relationship. Yet biblical correction doesn’t have to be any of these. In fact, it can be a blessing to both the recipient and the giver.

Why Did God Invent Marriage?

This podcast is being released on Carolyn’s and my 37th anniversary (August 4, 2016). It seemed like a good time to answer the question “Why did God invent marriage?”

Biblical Insights – How Can and Should a Christian Apologize?

I hate to mess up! Even worse, I hate to apologize. Am I unusual? I don’t think so. I recently asked a group of Christians how many believe an apology is the mark of a good Christian and a good leader. They were in almost unanimous agreement that it is.