4/24 特番 – 証

4/24 特番!! – 証



Coffe with Conrad – Our Authority in Jesus

I often ask #QuestionsThatRock on social media. This comes from a question that got me to praying about our Authority in Jesus.

Seeking the Truth;
John 14:6 Gotta go through Jesus;
John 16:13 Spirit of Truth guides;
It is written;
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Author and Authority;
Challenging our beliefs;
Appealing to authority;
Luke 6:45 out of the heart;
Psalm 119:11 the Word should come out;
2 Cor 2:11 Satan’s devices;
Matt 28:18-20 All Authority and Power;
Family Authority;
John 8:31 Continue in the Word;
John 15:7 Abiding in the Word;

Biblical Insights – 4 Characteristics in the Attitude of a Winner, Part 1

When Victor Serebriakoff was fifteen, his teachers told him he would never finish school. They said that he should drop out and learn a trade. Victor took the advice and for the next 17 years he was an itinerant doing a variety of odd jobs. He had been told he was a ‘dunce’ and for 17 years he acted like one. He was far from having the attitude of a winner.

4/22 みおの祈り

4/22 みおの祈り