Coffee with Conrad – Abiding Prayer

I am really excited to share this podcast with you. It is an amazing revelation….. I was super excited!

Isaiah 6:5 undone and unclean;
John 14:26 Bring to Remembrance;
John 16:13 Show you things to come;
Memorize the bible!;
Speculative vs Experiential teachings;
1 Cor 11:1 imitate me as i Imitate Christ;
John 8:31 Disciples of Jesus Worded up!;
Joshua 1:8 The implied IF THEN;
Isaiah 58:13 Speaking not thine own words;
Luke 6:45 out of the abundance of the heart;
Meditate – murmur, to ponder, rehearse;
Psalm 119:11 hiding the Word in our heart;
The New Testament perspective;
Matthew 28:20 teaching people Jesus commands;
Acts 20:27 full counsel of God;
Satan bible chops in Matt 4 and Luke 4;
John 15:1-7 Abiding for answers;
John 15:7 abiding for answered prayer!;
John 8:31 continue in the Word;
Hebrews 10:16 writing the laws on our hearts;
Learning the family business;
James 4:2 asking amiss by bible chopping;
Matt 7:14 be the few;
Mark 11:22-26 faith in God and forgiveness;
2 Corinthians 12:6-8 thorn in the flesh;
Hebrews 12:2 Jesus endured the cross;Please, Like, Share, Comment!Join the Inner Circle!

Biblical Insights – Adjust Your Plans Based On God’s New Direction

Does God ever allow us to go in one direction and then give us a new direction? Recently I wrote on “How to Know God’s Will in Difficult Decisions.” ?As challenging as it might seem to find God’s will, sometimes it seems God leads us in one direction only to soon lead us in another.

10月版 Best3 !! Pastor RIE 神様のみことばパラダイス

Pastor RIE 神様のみことばパラダイス

Best3 10月版

1位 10/27 悪魔に立ち向かう
2位 10/17 特番
3位 10/ 3 新年から10日間にすること


11/5 In Him – 祈りの言葉に困る時

11/5 In Him 祈りの言葉に困る時
Personality スティーブ&ゆみ

聖句- マタイ6:5-8

曲: Feel It by Toby Mac

11/4 Pastor Steve -預言-

11/4 Pastor Steve -預言-


photo: 金本 孔俊


11/4 Pastor RIE -預言-

11/4 Pastor RIE -預言-


photo: 金本 孔俊