Holy Fire JAPAN

Holy Fire Japan – Seeing the Supernatural with Ryan Denlinger

I had the honor of meeting Ryan in Okinawa and becoming good friends as we ministered together for the kingdom of God. Ryan is passionate for Kingdom culture, bringing heaven to earth. In this interview he shares how he came from wanting to actually seeing the supernatural power of God in his life and ministry.

4/28 HolyFireJapan 沖縄の奇跡と癒し

HolyFireJapan 沖縄の奇跡と癒し


4 – 5 Holy Fire JAPAN – Steve Barrett Interview

In this podcast instead of doing the interviewing I am being interviewed by Conrad Carriker from Conradrocks.net. I talk about church planting training and my call to Japan and also challenges and thoughts on sharing the gospel with Japanese.
This is an excerpt from the interview I had back in February.