Coffee with Conrad – Presence Evangelism pt.4

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Presence Evangelism – Approaching people

Continuing the series on Presence Evangelism. This is some of the stuff i have learned as we have done this. We are in the bible belt, it is different than other prayers.

Goal of activating Kingdom Seekers;
Presence of the Spirit of God;
We learn as we work the field;
Redefining Success to obedience;
Don’t let ‘no’ discourage you;
Be willing to look foolish for Jesus;
Eye contact leads to prayer;
Introductory questions;
Establishing Rapport;
Faith WORKS by love;
Finding something in common to start the conversation;
The group photo opportunity for evangelism;
On the other side of NO! Is FRUIT!;
Religious symbols – jewelry, on the car, or tattoos;
Just flat out asking people if they need prayer for anything;
The empty pier that filled up with people that needed prayer;
Sharing your testimony instead of prayer;
Keeping video testimonies on your phone;
Doug and Garry approach in different ways;
Just continue John 8:31,32;

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