GBC worship service in Yamaguchi

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【GBC worship service in Yamaguchi】

November 11, Sunday 10:15-12:00

This was our first worship in Yamaguchi

The worship service started your giving thanks to God for guiding us and leading many new people to this worship and for bringing ones that had been baptized just the day before.

There were also people that came to the worship for the first time.

We praised and worship God and danced and prepared ourselves to welcome God in the presence.

Even during the praise and worship there was words from God and we were thought about thinking about one another and value each other.

Message by Pastor RIE

We were loved by God
and created by God

God wants to give each one of us a Gift

God sees us and always thinks about what kind of gift to give,
and wants us to grow.
That is what God thinks while looking at us.

When creating us God put lots and lots of love in each one of us

No matter how many times we fail
No matter how nerdy we are
God never offends us about that

Instead God always helps us
and is patient with us

Where two or three gathers
that place becomes a church
just as the scripture says

「For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.”」

‭‭Matthew‬ ‭18:20‬ ‭NIV‬‬


For example
When chatting in a coffee shop with a friend
in the park or even at work

“You know this is what God did for me today.
God gave this to me”

Even when talking like this
That place becomes a church

A church is not a building

We each are a church
and the churches gather and become the body of Jesus

If there is anyone that says it is a religion,
It is what human beings created

A religion is made to fill the heart of human being so

Trusting in healing crystals statue of Buddha
is also religion to cover the loneliness of ones heart

But we easily betray Jesus

But God is patient and with us
and is waiting to see if we choose Him today

It is said that we are given
five thousand choices in a day

Do we choose rice or bread or breakfast?
Which juice to choose Orange or Apple?

Which do we choose God? Or Satan?

Even if we make a mistake and choose he way of Satan
God keeps waiting for that child to return on his / her own choice

But Satan keeps tempting
to prevent him/ her from returning

Tempts him/ her with alcohol or smoking
gambling, pachinko,porn, etc.

The devil keeps whispering saying
A little will be OK.
This much will be OK.

Satan also brings things that irritate you

If you get irritated , it is just what the devil wants!!

Are you complaining out loud?

Though you do not say it out loud,
Do you think it does not mater
if you just think in your mind?

It is worse to let complaints eco in your heart!!

In the Bible it says


「Make every effort to live in peace with everyone and to be holy; without holiness no one will see the Lord.」

‭‭Hebrews‬ ‭12:14‬ ‭NIV‬‬

‘The more the devil makes you irritated
The more God loves you!
Thank you God! Hallelujah!!

Let’s rejoice that way!

We fail many times
but God draws up our character
and we become pure

God gives you the chance
because He believes that this child can
or that child can

It does not matter if you were choosing the devil till yesterday

Cancel the matter that you were choosing the devils path
I would like you to choose to live the new way of life
to choose to live with God starting today.

Thank you!!

There was also healing after worship

The pastor that joined us from Yamaguchi
had pain in the back.
Her back bone was crooked
the left side was bulging out and dented in
It was obvious that there was a gap

We all prayed for her back
that had a three centimeter gap
With one heart

The pain was relieved and the right side that was bulging in, became higher and the gap began to disappear

Jesus set his hands
and we could see that she was healed!

We believed that she will get better and better
and gave thanks to God
We were all covered with a wonderful smile

Thank you God for the heeling !

Also, it has been decided that we will be having a worship service in Ube City in Yamaguchi prefecture!!

Thank God for His guidance !!

Reported by
God Blessings Church -Yuki-


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