Osaka Worship Service Report

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【Osaka Worship Service Report】

12/16(Sunday) Osaka Worship


We had a little early Christmas worship service

This years Christmas worship service was different from the usual one

It was a Sunday Open School for Our Daddy in Heaven❤️

We offered our best praise performance
to our Daddy in heaven!!

We decided the order by lottery
and each one of us performed to praise God!!

Praise and sign language, instrumental and percussion,
Magic, video love letter to God, reading a story book, etc.

Each of us prepared the best present for God

I wonder if our Daddy inHeaven was pleased😊

We always receive Love,
Grace and many Blessings from God

So each one of us prepared
wanting to express our thanksgiving
from our hearts and wanting to show God

We human beings always think
about receiving from God

But are we really expressing
our thankfulness to God?

Are we expressing
our feelings to God?

I believe that our Daddy in Heaven
was watching all of us with a smile!
Watching each performing happily
with the thought I was able to grow this far
by receiving the Love of God,

We would like to not forget this feeling
and keep being the children of the Kingdom
that always pleases God!!

Thank you Daddy in Heaven
for the great love that you always give us !!

Reported by
God Blessings Church -Yuki-

Translated by

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